Yogya is very popular among tourists for its shopping.
There is a wide choice and variety and prices are still very low.
The most wanted objects are batik, silver, wayangpuppets and ceramics.
Yogya also offers an enormous choice of all sorts of objects, real and so-called antiquities and cheap (batik) clothing.


stempelbatik Yogya is really one big batikstore. Most batik galleries can be found on Jl. Tirtodipuran, the continuation of Jl. Prawirotaman; in the vicinity of the waterpalace and the Sultan’s palave and the trainstation.
Most galleries have a different style.
A visit to the galleries will give you a fair idea of the large offer.
Batik paintings are available in all sizes and colours and at all prices.
handbatikThere is large circuit of recurring designs (very cheap), but you can also encounter unique pieces that emphasize the batik art.
Typical batikclothing and accessories can be found south of Jl. Malioboro and at the batikmarket, same place. Prices vary according to design, number of colours, stamp batik or handpainted batik.


Kotagede is the silvervillage just outside of Yogya, with still a large number of homefactories.
Somem of the known factories are Tom’s Silver and MD Silver.
You can witness the different processes in the making of the object. At the shops you can find a large offer of filigree, jewels, cutlery etc.
The silver content varies between 825 anc 925/000.


Wooden puppets (wayang golek), as well as shadowpuppets (made of buffalo leather) and wayang kulit are very artistic and ornamental. Few travellers return home without one or more of these puppets.
On Jl. Malioboro (more to the south) you can find ‘The Beka House’, founded at the end of the previous century.
The owner speaks English and can tell you everything concerning the background of each puppet.
It’s a store with fair prices and a wide choice. He also ownes a number of real antique pieces (among others, services dating from the colonial period) that are not for sale. Definitely worth a visit.
A lot of stores on or in the vicinity of Jl. Prawirotaman offer you a large choice.