Yogya offers you more than enough opportunities for culinary delight. Everything is possible; from typical foodstands to highclass restaurants with an international menu.

We won’t hold back the advice that you can find in any good guidebook :

1. When eating fruit, make sure that it is peeled and washed!
2. Eating at foodstands along the streets is very nice and very cheap, yet caution is in order; our ‘western’ stomach usually has trouble digesting ‘eastern’ cooking
3. Most restaurants use ice made of boiled water, it is therefore safe to drink fruitjuice on the rocks.
4. Never drink water from the tap, always drink bottled water!

‘ Enumerating all restaurants in Yogya is a hopeless task.
You will see that the choice on Jl. Prawirotaman alone is abundant.
Almost all of the restaurants there serve Indonesian, Chinese an European specialities.
Your typical national dish will not taste as good as at home, but then again that’s not why you’re here.
You should try the sweet sour fishdishes, the typical nasi gudgeg (boiled jackfruit in coconutcream, usually served with chicken and eggs), gado gado ( a vegetable dish), the tasty cop coy, etc.

A few good restaurants in Jl. Prawirotaman:
* Renzo Restaurant: simple restaurant with good food!
* Via-via restaurant: Belgium travelpub-restaurant. The best food in the street! You’ll find a lot of tourist information as well.
* At ‘Ministery of Coffee’ you find delicious salads and dessert.
* Hani’s Bakery and Restaurant with two outlets in Yogya serves excellent bread and delicious dishes! Ask the reception.
* In a fast growing and changing tourist industry restaurants are coming and going… maybe you will discover another good address while strolling around! Please ask the reception for the newest restaurants.


Also the ‘fast-food’ chains are growing fast in Yogya. Domestic people like to have diner at those places (if they can afford!) and most tourists like it for a change.

Most important:

* Mc. Donalds, Malioboro Plaza,Jl.Malioboro.
* Kentucky Fried Chicken,Jl. Malioboro 133
* Pizza hut, Jl.Jen.Sudirman.

For very good Indonesian food:

* Pesta Perak Restaurant,Jl. Tentara Rakyat Mataram nr 8. A bit out of town, but delicious!
* Bu Ageng, Jl. Tirtodipuran; Javanese specialities.