Yogyakarta is, together with SOLO, one of Mid-Java’s two still remaining traditional court cities. Surrounded by fertile rice fields, Mount Merapi in the north and the Indian Ocean in the south, Yogya is generally considered one of the most pleasant cities of Indonesia. Your stay will undoubtedly prove this.

The Yogyakarta region has 3,5 million inhabitants and a surface of 1,224 m². It is one of the most densely populated areas in the world. But travelers will experience the city commotion differently, more ‘acceptable ‘ than in other cities.

Yogya will satisfy the most demanding tourists : The lasting memories of the Borobudur and Prambanan temple; Jalan Malioboro, the mainstreet with its countless stands, will guarantee your hours of watching and buying pleasure and gives you a chance to practise your ‘tawar’;
the colourful fruit and vegetable market;
the rhythm and driving art of the becak-drivers;
the peace and quiet of the southern beaches Parangtritis, Krakal, Baron en Kukap….A unique experience.

But Yogya is above all the cultural centre of Java: the mysterious Wayang and the gracious classic Javan dances, both accompagned by the gamelan orchestra, rouse western tourists’ curiosity.
The ceremonial value of the sultanate remains a high_standing and lasting tradition.

You cannot speak of Yogya without speaking about batik. Batik is a traditional artform, that tourists are due to encounter. Together with silverwork, batik is one of the most practised artforms of Yogya.

Gourmets need not to worry; they will find Yogya a treat. You can taste Indonesian specialties at the dozens of foodstalls that appear on Jalan Malioboro at night, or in one of the numerous restaurants. The specialty of the region is ‘nasi gudeg’.

In short, Yogya is a fascinating city that will leave no one unaffected. One piece of advice: make your choice among the countless activities and places worth seeing. Because of the heat and high degree of humidity it is better to visit a number of places in an easy and relaxed way than to take on a strenuous rhythm. The memories and the contact with the local population will be even more impressive!