During your visit to Yogya you will not be able to escape the call from hundreds of becakdrivers who, each in their own way will try to trap you into a ride.
A becakdrive is the most ideal way to absorb the hectic city life. Usually you don’t know where to look first, you admire the way your becakdriver manoeuvres you through the streets, you see the city life from a different angle.

Most tourists will find one thing disturbing though: the continuous nagging to visit this batikgallery or that silvershop…….
‘No buy, no problem’, is what they keep repeating.
What is the best way to react ?
You must never forget that the majority of the becakdrivers rent their becak and have to make a number of drives before they can start earning their living.
A small additional income therefore always comes in handy.
Each becakdriver has one or several addresses where he can collect his commission on a sale to one of ‘his’ tourists.
A generally established custom, and not just in Indonesia.

To be able to enjoy your stay, the following advice :
1. Make sure you always agree in advance on the price for a becakride (1 or 2 persons). Write the price on your hand if necessary to avoid a discussion afterwards.
2. Don’t be afraid to enter a silver or batikgallery. NEVER feel obliged to buy anything and if you do buy, be sure to pay the price you think it’s worth.

It will also give you an idea of the going prices.

You will see that most of the becakdrivers are very friendly people who can give you useful tips about the city and who have to ‘push’ hard to make a living.
Don’t try to beat down the price to the extreme when two minutes later you will be enjoying a sumptuous meal that costs ten times as much as the becakride to the restaurant.
You don’t do these people a favour by paying too much, but the opposite is true as well.
If you treat becakdrivers in a friendly way, you will certainly be rewarded.
And if before leaving Yogya you have a T-shirt you can spare, don’t hesitate to make a becakdriver happy with it. Gratitude will be a lasting memory ! becak

Going prices:
It is very difficult, if not impossible, to state steady prices for a becakdrive.
Why is that particulas becakdriver willing to take you to the post office for ± Rp. 15.000,- and another one isn’t ?
Various factors should be taken into consideration: the weather (prices logically go up when it rains), the number of people and their weight, the place where you can hire a becak (tourist places are more expensive than others) etc.